Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Being Yourself

I don't know if it shows in my writing, but I've been struggling to find a voice for this blog. I don't know what the deal is, but sometimes I think I come off sounding robotic or (worse) nagging at times. I've come to a realization:

That fucking sucks.

Nobody likes to be nagged, and I hate to be one to nag anybody else. I just feel like I haven't been putting enough of myself on the page thus far. Sure, I hope the nuts and bolts of the advice are there, but at the end of the day, I could program a robot pay somebody to program a robot to write the same things. There's no soul—nothing that makes me "me." I've often found that the best way to write is to write as if you're speaking, poor grammar be goddamned. On this blog, I felt like I was slipping away from that at an increasingly fast rate.

I think that this may stem from the need to please people that I have commented on in previous posts. Additionally, I've tried to keep things a little too "professional." Not that I don't want to provide high-level advice, content, and other assorted musings to everyone that reads this, but I don't want to do it in the starched-shirt, formulaic way I had been doing it. I felt like I was losing my edge, and, because of that, a little bit of myself.

Going forward? Fuck it. People that know me also know that I like to drop a "fuck" bomb every now and then. I'm not always going to have opinions or a style that people agree with. That's entirely okay. You're certainly welcome to read a different blog if anything here offends you, especially the quality of the writing. What I'm trying to do from here on out is stop holding back. Society often tells you that you have to jump through certain hoops to get from point A to B to C. One of those hoops is sanitizing everything to the point that nobody gets offended, to "keep your options open in the future." Fuck that. They're just words. If you think they're more than that, you're welcome to take your eyes elsewhere. For those that stick around, though, I promise to break free of these fucking conventions and bring a little more humor and edge to my posts in the future. If you want a taste, head on over to BlogMogger and look at some of my other work. Why, you may ask? Because I don't fucking care anymore.

Oh fuck.

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