Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Own Personal Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day. I know that I've written that I was not terribly excited for opening day this year, but when it comes down to it, I always am on some level (yeah, I know, fuck me, right?). You don't remember what it's like until it's here. It's tough to match that sense of optimism and anticipation that comes along with the first day of the baseball season. No matter how shitty the team is (cough, cough…PIRATES…cough, cough), every fan base is reinvigorated for a couple of weeks where every team has a chance. As a Cardinals fan, I get to wipe away the bitter disappointment of last season to make room for…well…probably more bitter disappointment, but at least for a day, I can hope that they can win the division. Last year is in the books, and every team gets a fresh start.

Maybe the reason this all means more to me this year is because of all of the changes I've made since the last opening day. Opening day is a day where anything is possible. I hate to sound like a cock-eyed optimist, but damn it, it's true. If you want to make changes in your life, what better day is there? Your "last season" is ancient history. If you want to go out there and try to "win" life, why not start today? Take a small step toward your goal. Write the first page of that novel you always wanted to write. Ask out that person you've had your eye on. Go to the gym (or order P90X—I'm down 7 pounds in two weeks) and start getting in shape. Look into what you have to do to make that business idea of yours a reality. Keep taking these small steps, day after day, to try to make a positive difference in your life. This blog is one of my steps toward becoming a better writer. I have tons of other small steps that I'm taking every day to make my dreams my new reality. You don't have to go nuts at first—just one small step toward one goal will get you started on your path to self-actualization.

For at least one day, everyone is in first place. Get rid of the doubts. Don't listen to the people that tell you, "you can't do that!" Go out there and beat the Red Sox or the Yankees. Maybe you don't have the limitless resources that other people have, but you have to start somewhere. It's up to you if you want to be the Pirates or the Tampa Bay Rays. Every day, I'm trying to get closer and closer to being a Ray. And every day, I thank myself for snapping out of my rut last year and deciding not to live like a Pirate.

Anybody out there have any thoughts, on baseball or life? Leave them in the comments. I promise to answer every single one, no matter how crazy.

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