Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Links 6-24-11

I’ve had it up to “here” <puts hand shoulder…no…neck high> with RSS feeds.  If anyone knows anything about them, please e-mail me at  You’re lucky I’m not linking to some of the sites I’ve been looking at recently.  What?  No, not THOSE sites!  Get your head out of the gutter.

Happy weekend everyone!

Secrets of Money and Life Success: Trent over at The Simple Dollar has put together quite the collection of nuggets of sound life advice.  (@ The Simple Dollar)

Don’t Should All Over Yourself:  The Art of Manliness is a fine resource for men, and (I imagine) a good site for women looking to understand more about men.  This post, by Brett McKay about his decision to write for his blog full-time, is a fine call to action, and an eloquently-written piece on why you need to think twice before doing something just because you “should” do it.  (@ Art of Manliness)

Stop Being a Fucking Pussy:  Very helpful for when you’re going through weak moments or times you’re doubting yourself (may contain some adult language). (@ In Over Your Head)

Which of the Four are Getting in the Way?  Short, sweet, and excellent advice.  I highly encourage you to read through Seth Godin’s archives—he’s an internet star for a reason, folks.  (@ Seth’s Blog)

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