Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Links 7-15-2011

 I feel like this week was a “get back on track” week for me, which was perilously close to derailment midweek.  Thankfully, I think I’m finally back to my old self, but it’s weird how just one or two over-the-top nights can really put you on your ass for a while.  Hopefully, these links will inspire you to have a great weekend!

Notes From a Cold Bathroom Floor in South Africa: Chris Guillebeau does more of his characteristically excellent work, this time weighing the competing values of “shipping” and “perfecting.”  Personally, I always thought that I could do both, but writing this novel has definitely made me a believer in “ship, then perfect.” (@Art of Nonconformity).

The Primal Blueprint Guide to Eating Out: I’ve been travelling a lot this year, and one of the things I’ve struggled with on my own low-carb diet is how to go low-carb while eating out a lot at airports or otherwise.  Usually if I go “off-program” for a few days, it gets to be incredibly tough to get back on.  Fortunately, Mark Sisson has put together this handy guide to help you get through these types of situations.  (@Mark’s Daily Apple).

How to Increase Your Testosterone: No, this isn’t some kind of spam-link.  Also, it’s probably not for the ladies, unless you’re a collegiate or Olympic athlete from a former Soviet Bloc country looking for that extra edge.  It is a great tool for guys suffering from low testosterone, which includes most of us nowadays. (@Art of Manliness).

I was Successful When I was Broke and Jobless:  I always find David’s stuff over at Edge of David to be the kind of kick in the ass that I need.  Hopefully you get a similar kick out of this article, which boils down one of the fundamental questions this blog is looking at: what is success? (@Edge of David).

Orwell via Huxley:  Apparently there’s some company out there that’s going to back up all of the stuff you ever put out on social media sites for seven years, and make it available to potential employers.  Well, fellas, hope you like sorting through my never-ending stream of blog updates! (@Constitutional Daily).

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