Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Links 7-22-11

This NFL Labor situation is quickly reaching fiasco levels.  I tend to believe the owners on this one; it makes the players seem dumb to argue that the owners tried to "pull a fast one on them" by including new terms in the document without telling anyone what those "new terms" are.  If it happened at all, they're probably minor tweaks to ancillary language, but the NFLPA just has to beat its chest on this one.  ESPN isn't blameless, either--they seem to be making this a much bigger deal than it really is.  Come on, NFLPA, sign the thing and let's have some football.  Enjoy the links!

Proposed CBA Terms.  Speaking of which, SI has broken down the proposed terms for the new CBA in an easy-to-understand, bullet point format. If you have even a casual interest in the business side of sports, it's an entertaining read.  (@CNNSI). 

Why the Lockout is Still Going On.  An excellent analysis from a familiar commentator over at our sister site, Blogmogger. (@Blogmogger).

Are Vegetables and Exercise Causing Childhood Obesity in China?  An interesting article from The Atlantic.  It really makes you think about causation and correlation--is it because the vegetables are stir-fried, or is it because different gut bacteria thrive under different conditions?  Hmm... (@The Atlantic).

Legacy Projects and the Love of True Friends.  Not as corny as the title makes it sound, but it is interesting to see which friends are supportive and which couldn't care less when the cards are on the table.  (@The Art of Nonconformity).

The Best Way to Find Your Vocation.  I think this lines up well with yesterday's article; find something that you feel strongly about or enjoy, and then try to find challenges that interest you within that field.  (@Art of Manliness).

The Price of Integrity: How My Column Cost Me a Job.  I'm a big fan of Justin Adams on, but this article is definitely not St. Louis-specific.  One man's tale of how he maintained his integrity in the face of idiotic pressure from a prospective employer.  (@insideSTL).

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