Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Introducing "Hack: Innings 4-6"

Well that was quick.

Sort of.

I’ll explain in a minute.

But for now, I’m very pleased to announce that Part II of the Hack saga is available, exclusively for Kindle.

I was worried for a little bit that Amazon wouldn’t get it posted in time. This half-baked marketing plan of mine required that I get the second part up by this weekend, when the absolutely free giveaway of Innings 1-3 is scheduled to go off.

But Amazon pulled through, and we’re live, so no hard feelings!

I think after reading the first part, you’ll be very interested in continuing on to the second. Hell, I’ll be totally honest: that’s the premise behind giving the first book away for nothing, right?    

So far, the beta readers really like both parts, I’m happy about how they turned out, and I think most folks will really enjoy them, especially if you’re a baseball fan.

If you aren’t, don’t worry. I think the trilogy is, at its heart, a character drama that happens to take place on a minor league baseball team. I explained it to someone else as kind of like Lost, only without the magical island and shitty ending: at its core, this series is about the characters involved.

Also, if you’ve been reading my Rams stuff or listening to me on the radio: sports! Granted, it’s not football, but I think if I wrote a book about some thinly-veiled representation of the NFL at this point, it would come off a bit like Any Given Sunday, which is to say “completely ridiculous to most people, but absolutely accurate.”

Anyway, I’m rambling. Check out part one for free, this Sunday, Opening Day. If you like it, pick up Innings 4-6 afterward. Innings 7-9 will be out by the beginning of May.

And if you like what you read, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Oddly enough, both base their recommendations on how many people have rated the books positively on their sites. It’s a crazy concept, I know, but I would really appreciate the honest feedback!

If you happen to check out Jesus Was a Time Traveler while you’re at it, well, hey, so be it!

One more time, I do really appreciate the support. Most folks really seem to enjoy JWATT thus far, and I think if you liked JWATT you’ll really like Hack. Thank you all for your continued support of this blog and my work, from the bottom of my heart. It’s a great feeling to get up in the morning each and every day and look forward to what's ahead of me!
 D.J. Gelner is a fiction and freelance writer from St. Louis, Missouri. His novel, Jesus Was a Time Traveler, is available on AmazonNook, Kobo, iBooks and in Paperback. The first installment of his second series, the Hack trilogy, is now available for Kindle. Follow him on twitter (@djgelner) or facebook (here). E-mail him at djgelbooks@gmail.com

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