Thursday, June 27, 2013

Introducing "Hunt to Read"

After months of traipsing around in the shadows of dark hallways, cloaked in the chilly blanket of secrecy, I'm pleased to announce my latest business venture:

In an era where bookstores are shuttered every day, Hunt to Read recreates the excitement of hunting through bookshelves for those hidden gems that one would stumble across in a bookstore, but online. We eschew stuff like "virtual bookshelves," and try to boil the experience down to its essential components for readers: look at the cover, if interested, click through and look at the blurb, let us know what you think of both via a rating, and then if you like it enough, click through to find the book on various retailers.

For authors, we provide a suite of cutting-edge analytics that show you how often folks clicked on your cover to get to the book detail page, how often they expand the blurb, how often folks click through to the various online bookstores, etc.

It may not seem like a big deal to the layperson, but this kind of data is absolute gold to even traditionally-published writers and even publishers, who don't get much in the way of feedback aside from sales numbers.

We can do this in large part because my business partner, Rick, is a analytics programming genius. Even though this is just the "first build," the analytics interface is already incredibly polished and reliable, and is drawing rave reviews from the folks who have already put their books on the site.

We think there's great value in these analytics, so down the road we'll charge a small monthly fee to list books, as well as access to other cool stuff we have planned for authors and publishers down the line.

For the moment, though, we need books on our site so that our readers don't get bored! So we're offering unlimited free 6 month listings for a limited time to build our library. That includes full access to our analytics and a spot on the site, absolutely no risk, we don't take your credit card number or anything.

Eventually, we have some exciting new improvements waiting to enhance the reader experience, all kinds of good stuff that I think people will really enjoy. And, of course, once we have enough books to make it workable, we'll separate out books by genre, devices they're available for (i.e. Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.).

But for now, we need more books. If you're an author, feel free to list your book via the link below, absolutely free, no risk, for six months:

If you're a reader, by all means click through and take a look at the interface; we're always looking for feedback (both positive and negative) on how to improve the reader experience. Know that a lot of cool new stuff is in the works for readers in the future, but for now, browse and enjoy.

And by all means, let your writer (and publisher) friends know that they can list their books for free; we need more listings so folks have more books to browse.

Happy to answer any questions in the comments, but for now, just very excited to finally be able to tell you all about the site!



  1. Not exactly. We want our experience to be a lot more user-driven down the line--YOU pick the genre, YOU pick the device, that sort of thing. Also, we have a lot more cool features planned for readers down the road that we're really excited about; for now, though, release 1 has all of the basic functionality (minus hunt by genre until we get more books).

    Eager to hear what you think, Cory...


  2. This is a really interesting idea! I'll be rooting you on, D.J.! Good luck! :D

  3. Thanks Mira! So far, it's starting to get some buzz, so that's a very good thing!


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