Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The End of the World

A lot of crazy shit is going on around the world right now. Japan is still reeling from the earthquake/tsunami combo and the related nuclear incident. Revolution continues to sweep the Middle East, installing democracies (good!) that may or may not be friendly to America (oh). These revolutions are sending the price of oil soaring. The price of food is increasing rapidly. More people are overworked and under-compensated for their efforts. And, oh yeah, somehow we're involved in another war in Libya. Everything is pretty fucked. Some would even wonder if it's the beginning of the end—you know, the whole deal. The end of the world.

So why am I going into work with a smile on my face? History indicates that this is not the case. Societies have weathered famine, plagues, and all manner of natural disasters before. The true "end of the world" is probably likely to come one of several ways that can be counted on one hand: nuclear holocaust, asteroid collision, super-volcanic eruption, mass coronal eruption from the sun, and alien invasion. We only have control over one of these, and who knows how long we can appease those goddamned aliens?

My point is, it's fairly arrogant to think that the end of the world will be caused by humanity, or some action that people take. The end will more than likely come via a fairly random occurrence. This not only goes for the world, but for your own life, as well. What if an asteroid hit the earth today? What if there was a solar burst that fried everything and sent us back to the stone age? What if you drop dead of a massive aneurysm? Would you be happy with how you lived your life?

Now, if you're in a Westernized country and are reading this blog, the odds are that you'll live a fairly comfortable existence and die at a (relatively) old age. However, a good amount of the population will never make it there, through no fault of their own. Is there something you want to do with your time on this planet that you haven't gotten around to yet? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!? Start taking steps to accomplish your goals NOW. Don't put it off another day. Any progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Another day ticked off your personal shot-clock. Another week gone by like so many others. What do you want to accomplish? The time is now to make it happen. If you happen to be lucky enough to make it to old age, you'll still be glad that you made something happen with your time. You aren't going to wish you watched more TV or worked more at unfulfilling tasks. Seize the day! Do what you want! Make something happen! Now!

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  1. That totally reminds me of the time I got this girl's number outside a club after I drunkenly made out with her, and I never called, but now I really wish I called, because now I'm just sitting here by myself and I have nobody to talk to, and it's way too late to call her now, so I should just delete her number, but I'm afraid to do that, because maybe she'll call me, and if I delete the number, there's a good chance I'll ignore it, and maybe that would be the perfect chance to connect with her.

    We're probably both watching Good Will Hunting anyway, so why couldn't we watch that together? Maybe that would just make us alone, together, waiting for something big to happen, but right now after several glasses of Bushmills I would be willing to take the chance.

    I wish I had a dog - this place is so empty, especially with me in it.

    I can't wait for baseball season to start.

  2. Ah, Bushmill's. I prefer Jameson, personally--it gave me one of my favorite "man up" moments (a post for another day). Nothing quite like it to steady the nerves.


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