Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Links 7-8-2011

It’s been a weird, tough week because of a death in the family (boo!) and my brother’s corresponding visit to town (yeah!).  I think that I handled it pretty well, but I apologize if my writing wasn’t quite up to par this week; I usually was only able to squeeze it in between funeral stuff, family activities, and festivities for the Fourth.  Hope these killer links make up for it.  Enjoy:

The Movie Star: Bill Simmons hardly needs my help, but I think this is his best article in a long time, about trying to figure out what the hell is going on with movie stars nowadays.  It’s amazing how good his writing can still be when he finds something that actually interests him instead of mailing in his 8,563rd NBA column of the year. (@Grantland).

Drugs and the Meaning of Life:  I’m not a big drug guy; to be honest, I’ve never really experimented much at all with any kinds of drugs.  I mean, I know my types of alcohol, but that’s about it. This article isn’t really about drugs, but rather about what drugs can reveal about concepts like “reality” and “consciousness,” and what that means for us as humans.  (@ Sam Harris).

27 Years:  A collection of words of wisdom from the Illuminated Truth (@The Illuminated Truth).

A Brief Guide to World Domination: A link to Chris Guillebeau’s free eBook, which has a lot of good ideas in it.  It should give you a new way to think about life, and get your creative juices flowing. (@Art of Nonconformity).

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