Friday, February 17, 2012

Success...for now!

Just a quick update on my progress: I started the day at a little over 79,000 words, 7,000 to go to reach my goal of 86,000, which also would be 25,000 over the past week.

The final tally? 86,626 words, 300 pages, and perhaps most importantly, the completion of the second of three parts to the book.

It's obviously exciting for many reasons, but I'm just glad that I can not only continue to chip away at milestones, but also do so more and more quickly than I used to be able to, and (I think) at a higher level of quality.

7,500 words in one day--a Friday no less, which tends to be my toughest day to motivate myself. Again, no parade is on the agenda yet, but I'm glad that in a week that finds me at half of my original, unbelievably audacious goal, I was able to put in a day that really pushed my limits on what I thought was possible.

Now I have the weekend to recover. If anyone needs me, I'll be relaxing with some fine wine and maybe a beer or two.  See you next week!

Days working: 30
Words: 86,626
Pages: 300

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  1. Congrats, DJ! I can't wait to read the finished product.

  2. Thanks Patty! It'll still be at least another month or so, but hopefully I'll have it out (at least in ebook format) by the beginning of April.


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