Saturday, May 11, 2013

Writing Update

A lot of stuff's going on right now with my writing, so I thought I'd give those who are interested a brief update:

Hack: The Complete Game Ebook is Out:
-Hack: The Complete Game is...well..."complete." You can even get the whole series as one ebook (still Amazon only right now ) HERE. I priced it so that if you got Innings 1-3 for free or $0.99, you can save a few bucks by buying The Complete Game for the last two parts. Ebook economics are an odd topic, one that I can address in a future post if there's enough interest, though I certainly won't blame you if there's none.

Hack on Other Platforms?
-A lot of folks have been asking when the Hack books will be available on Nook, iBooks, etc. I finally have an answer: June 24th. That's when the exclusivity period with Amazon lapses. So...uh..."mark your calendars." (Does anyone still do that? Actually mark a calendar, like in an eighties sitcom, putting big red "X"s through each day in anticipation of some big occasion? I think sitcoms ruined the practice for all calendar-markers, since the big day would finally get there, and something would go horribly wrong. Thanks, Hollywood!).

Hack: TCG Giveaway
-Hack: The Complete Game is also going to be out in paperback on May 21st, which, coincidentally, is my 30th birthday. To celebrate, I'm running a Goodreads giveaway of a few signed copies, which you should be able to find over there on the right sidebar. If you're in the U.S. or Canada, feel free to sign up. After all, it's FREE! Note: The giveaway ends on the 21st, so be sure to enter before then.

Rogue Update
-Rogue is with the beta readers. I apologize for the delay, but it ended up being 23,000 words plus, instead of the 10,000-15,000 I was initially after. The good news for you is that I think it creates a richer, fuller Rogue universe (not, like a renegade universe--YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!) that I can explore in future books.

What's Next? What about JWATT 2?!
-I think I'm going to buckle down and get back to the JWATT universe with Corcoran Was a Time Traveler and Corcoran's Log. CWATT is the true sequel to JWATT, while Corcoran's Log is a companion piece to JWATT, told from the Commander's point of view, which has obviously been pretty damned fun for me. It gives you more of Corcoran's backstory, and fills in some of the blanks between the last two chapters of JWATT (and that's all I can really say about it without spoiling it).

I imagine that Corcoran's Log will probably be released a couple of weeks before CWATT, but I'm aiming for a fall release for both.

Other than that, I'm working on a bunch of exciting non-fiction and side projects that I'll announce as completed.

Thanks to everyone who's already checked out some of my stuff--definitely appreciate it!


D.J. Gelner is a fiction and freelance writer from St. Louis, Missouri. Check out his books, available at his Amazon Author Page and on Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. Follow him on twitter (@djgelner) or facebook (here). E-mail him at

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