Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Claim Your FREE Audiobook Copy of "Jesus Was a Time Traveler"

I've come into possession of some FREE review codes for my new Audiobook, Jesus Was a Time Traveler.

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About the Book:

An action-packed dinosaur hunt...wave after wave of bloodthirsty Nazis desperately trying to mow down our heroes...and yes, an appearance by Jesus Himself. 

All in a couple days' work for Dr. Phineas Templeton. 

A quirky English chap with a taste for fine scotch, Dr. Templeton builds a time machine at the behest of his mysterious benefactor. His mission? To meet Jesus Christ Himself, and garner all of the fame, recognition, and accolades that writing an epic time travelogue would bring.  

Unfortunately for Finny, Jesus is actually a fellow time traveler, a hippie named Trent from Colorado in the future. While Trent explains that the past is fixed and immutable (“What happened, like, happened, man...”), Dr. Templeton realizes that he's made a horrible oversight in his calculations, and can't return to his own time period. 

The only way home is to follow a list of cryptic instructions his benefactor has hidden on the time machine, which sends him on a madcap, at times hilarious voyage from watching his hero, Sir Isaac Newton, be berated by a high school physics teacher, to hunting dinosaurs, to rescuing two colorful American soldiers and fighting Nazis hellbent on his destruction. 

A novel that's been called equal parts The Da Vinci Code and Back to the Future, Jesus Was a Time Traveler combines quirky humor, thought-provoking concepts, intriguing clues, and a finicky universe that would like nothing more than to keep things as they are.

I'm giving away a select number of review copies of Jesus Was a Time Traveler's audiobook!

All that means is you'll get a free audiobook copy, and in exchange you'll write an honest review of what you think when you finish it.

Simply fill out the form below with all of the info and I'll let you know if there are copies still available:

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to Access Your Audible Listener Page

This is a short and sweet post to help you find your Audible Listener Page URL:

1. Log In to

If you forgot your info, it's the same as your Amazon account.

2. Click on "Hi [YOUR NAME]" in the menu bar:

3. Click on "Listener Page" from the dropdown.

4. Copy-and-paste the URL wherever you want.

That's it! Enjoy!


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