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A lot of folks want to know how I make a living doing what I do. The answer is "a combination of a lot of different types of writing projects.


Mostly, I write persuasive sales copy as a freelance copywriter. I help businesses connect with prospects who desperately want to hand over their money for a useful product or service--or, from their point of view, a solution to their most vexing problems.

How do I do this? It's a two-fold process, really. First, I bring your product to life. I know exactly what questions to ask you to tease out a compelling, emotionally-moving story that immediately gets a prospect on your side, and convinces them that you have the solution to this problem nagging them like the world's worst hangnail.

Then, I use my "lawerly" skills to back up all of that emotional resonance with a healthy dose of convincing logic. I turn features into benefits with ease, take the prospect by the hand, and show them exactly how they'll ultimately save time, save money, or otherwise enjoy an easier life with your product or service.

Interested? I've developed an entire other professional website with some samples of my work, along with some blog posts about the industry. My rates are quite competitive, and pack a lot of punch for the value. You can check it out here, or just email me directly at dj@djswriting.com for a free consultation on how we can make a lot more money together.


I've been editing professionally for over 6 years (!) now. I do everything from standard copy-editing to full-on "book doctoring" if you have something that requires some heavy-duty punching up.

Here are a couple of very satisfied customers:

“When editing my story, D.J. went to depths that I never expected, making dozens of suggestions for improvements both major and minor, and helping me to tease out every nuance. He was highly professional, responsive, and had a great eye for detail. The resulting story ended up being far better thanks to him. There is no question that I will use D.J.’s editing talents in the future should the opportunity arise.” -Ken Furie, Author, "The Most Dangerous Lies"

“I believed in the story I submitted in response to the call for submissions for the anthology Quantum Zoo, but the attention it received from anthology editor D.J. Gelner in the form of story editing and suggested revisions made it a much stronger story, in my opinion. I was very proud of the final result, in large part due to D.J.’s editing skills, and I also learned a lot from the changes that I implemented upon his suggestion." -Scott Dyson, Author, "Playing Man."

My full editing rates are industry-standard (~$20/1000 words, depending on volume discounts for longer or multiple works), and can be negotiated depending on the scope and scale of your project. If that seems high, it's to ensure that I get clients that are as serious about their work as I am. I treat each and every piece as if it's my own, with the same high standards for quality that readers all over Amazon and Goodreads continue to rave about...and which likely brought you to this subpage in the first place.

Have an editing project for me? Feel free to email me at dj@djswriting.com today to get the ball rolling--my schedule tends to fill up quickly.

Problem Solving/Consulting

I've always prided myself on coming up with creative solutions to a variety of problems, legal or otherwise. If you need help with anything from how to increase leads or sales, to how to drive traffic to your site, to how to grow your business to be more profitable, there's a good chance I can help you. 

Every project is different, and as such, my rates are flexible. Contact me at dj@djswriting.com today to see how I can help.


If you're like 95% of people, you "have a book inside of you." No, not because you just ate one--what kind of a weirdo would do that? 

(Mmm...binding paste...)

Like 94% of people, though, you probably also don't know where to start!

If so, you've come to the right place. I can help get that book out of your mind and onto paper, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum impact on readers.

Now, I'm going to be up-front here: it won't be cheap. Much like my editing projects, I treat ghostwriting opportunities as if it's my name going on the front of the book (and sometimes it is). Many of these projects can take up to 4, 6, even 9 months of dedicated work on my part, which can include travel, interviews, transcribing those interviews, writing, revising, and editing. If you'd like my help in taking the book to publishers, it could take even longer.

But again, think of the upside: someone who will work closely with you to make sure that every detail of your vision goes down on paper as advertised. Someone with extensive writing and publishing experience who knows how to get your book into the hands of eager readers. 

Each project is unique, and the price is generally negotiable depending on a whole host of factors. However (and I can't stress this enough), the sooner we start talking about a ghostwriting project, the better! My schedule fills up quickly, and dedicating this kind of time to a big project can take some planning on my part. 

With that all said, I'd love to discuss your ghostwriting project! Feel free to email me at dj@djswriting.com.


I still write articles on a variety of topics. Most are sports-related these days, but I also write about lifestyle, food and beverage, travel, interviews, and what can broadly be called "men's interest," even though I prefer to think of it as "cool shit!"

If you would be interested in collaborating on an article with me, drop me a line at dj@djswriting.com


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